THE SECRET PHYSICS in a paragraph (two versions)

In The Secret Physics, a dying woman’s final whisper threatens to undo everything her son Jonathan knows about their relationship, his life, and reality itself. Years before, a stranger named Simon interrupted an innocent girl’s childhood, changing her life and leaving her hungry for revenge. Wendy vows that she will have the power that was meant to be hers, but when her life collides with Jonathan’s she learns Simon still seeks to do her and her family harm. When he returns to battle Wendy, the only person who can save her is Jonathan, the man whose trust she betrayed and life she destroyed.

In The Secret Physics, readers meet Jonathan Norton and Wendy Daily, a mild-mannered mortician and a beautiful linguist, married but not exactly in love. To save their grandson from an otherworldly poisoning, Jonathan races from world to world searching for Wendy and doubting his sanity. All of her family is at risk. Her parents disappeared decades before, perhaps exiled by a man who once saved her. Now Wendy must journey toward revenge and Jonathan must search for help through realities neither can understand. They must survive each other and the plot to destroy them to defend a loved one from a deadly, poisonous transformation.

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